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2020 Job Openings

Position # 20AFR12
CategoryWork at Home/GPS Time & Activity
Position Field Research Assistant
Locations New York, Washington DC, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Nevada, California, Washington (other areas possible)
RequirementsMust own a vehicle or have the ability to travel within a 30 mile radius of a major city in their home State.
Important!If you do not meet these requirements, please do not apply because it is time consuming to read through hundreds of non-qualifying resumes.


Six Hours/Day is Reqired

This is not a side-gig that can be done on off-hours or spare time. It requires six hours per day of effort and must be performed during normal business hours (inside the 9am to 6pm window of time)

The contractor will be required to canvass areas within a 30 mile radius of a major city in their home state. The canvassing will be to observe and note conditions of residential homes throughout the 30 mile radius. Notes are to be taken on quality and condition of the home, vehicles at the home, lawn & decor of the home, along with anything else noteworthy of the residence (example: poor condition, dead or overgrown lawn, needs paint, cracked driveway, etc.). Contractor will never leave their vehicle nor shall they enter the driveway, sidewalk, or any part of the residential "boundary." Individual will simply make notes about everything observed from a distance (color of home, make-up of siding (stone, wood, mixture of both, etc.) along with condition of the yard, fencing, etc. Complete details of the tasks will be provided to the contractor if brought-on for the position.

Indivdual will submit results to company every two (2) days using an electronic form provided by company.

Payment for fuel used for the time the indvidual is conducting the research will be provided (specific conditions must be met.)


Contractor will be paid weekly for the time involved in this research. Pay is dependent on the mutually agreed-upon hourly rate. (Submit your hourly rate for this task in your application). Bonuses and pay increases will be avilable for contractors that meet or exceed the number of homes researched during a week period. Details will be made available upon successful hiring of contractor. Over time, and if contractor expresses an exemplary work ethic, contractor may be offered a full-time-position to be a manager of their territory to oversee others who are conducting the research.
Time MonitoringSince this is a work-at-home job, and since many work-at-home jobs are abused in terms of falsifying time-and-attendance reports, we will make use of a GPS monitor to log the areas researched. This is to protect our investment into the project and to verify the hours listed are actually worked.
DurationThis is a year-round position.
ContactPlease send your resume along with your hourly wage requirement to JOBS@FROMTHEROCKIES.COM and please mention position 20AFR12. Please do not send us sales material or any type of solicitations.


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