Your information is private - and will remain that way.

From the Rockies ("FTR") does not sell, rent, market, advertise, broker, give away, or do anything with ANY of the information that you, as a customer of FTR, store on any of our company services, any of our company websites, or any of our company databases. What you give us remains private and shall never be disclosed to anyone, for any reason, unless instructed to do by law enforcement or a court order.

Furthermore, the customer information that you upload to our site is your property and we will never sell that information, at any time, for any reason, to anyone.

Right to Opt-Out/Cancel

You may, at any time, cancel your account per the terms of the agreement which you signed. Once your account has been cancelled you will have thirty (30) days to make a copy of any data that is in your account. After that period your data will wiped/erased using commercially available secure destruction software to ensure your data can not be recovered. Please be sure you make a copy of the data you wish to keep because once the wipe/erase has taken place it will be impossible to recover that data.

Who to Contact

You may contact us in writing at:

From The Rockies LLC
2900 N Government Way #315
Coeur d'Alene ID 83815


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